NRPC Reminds Everyone To Keep Children Safe From Poisoning, Choking

OMAHA – The Nebraska Regional Poison Center (NRPC) wants to remind people to be mindful this holiday of items that can harm children. There are 59,000 children that go to emergency departments every year for poisoning.

Children accessing their grandparents’ medications is the cause of 48 percent of these incidents. Store medication out of sight and reach of children. The staff at NRPC can help with questions about proper disposing of expired medication.

Do not store cleaners and disinfectants on the counter. Disc batteries are choking hazards for children if swallowed. Avoid buying toys with magnets, also.

Alcohol is in holiday drinks, hand sanitizers, and perfumes and colognes. Keep these items away from children’s reach. Furthermore, always remember to empty ash trays because a few cigarette butts can harm a child if swallowed.

Lamp oil in candle lamps should be kept away from children because a little amount can cause chemical pneumonia if it goes into the lungs. Aroma and fragrance oils can cause choking and/or vomiting.

Seasonal plants and decorations can look appealing for a child or pet to eat. Mistletoes, holly berries, yew plants, tree icicles, tinsel, and garland can all cause choking issues. Snow sprays and glitters are eye-irritants and may cause eye damage.

For more safety tips, visit Call 1-800-222-1222 for a poisoning emergency.