Norfolk Skatepark Grinds For Grants

Norfolk’s Miracle skatepark is inching toward their goal of being the biggest skatepark in the state.

The Norfolk city council voted unanimously Monday to authorize an application for a $350,000 grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development to help make the park handicap accessible. 

New Skatepark for Norfolk Director Anthony Thompson, says he also wants to make the park the largest most modern in Nebraska.

“Because we thought it was important to show people what a modern skatepark looks like,” Thompson said. “Everyone was envisioning what we have sitting down there. And they were like, ‘why do we want to do that?’ and we were like ‘no, no, no you’re missing the boat contemporary skatepark.’”

Thompson, not only wants to improve the quality, but the safety of the park as well.

“We want to make it big, but we want to make it safe and rideable is the main thing.”

People from  the community have shown their support for the project as Thompson and the NSN initiative have raised nearly $10,000 through fundraising since 2016. 

“The people that can’t afford to donate are the ones giving us money. And you know you almost want to say’ no keep it you’re a single mother, with three children, please.’”

It is this support that gives Thompson his drive to see this project through to the end, so he can give back to the community that has given NSN so much.  

“And we are hoping it is kind of our turn to stand up and do this for the community.”