Nitrates In Wayne Water Back Within Drinking Limit, State Officials Will Confirm Later This Week

WAYNE – At the same time the City of Wayne released a drinking water notice for Wayne water customers, they also sent in another nitrate sample to the state Tuesday morning.

Per an email Tuesday late afternoon, from City Administrator, Wes Blecke, preliminary water sample tests taken show a nitrate level of 6.6 milligrams per liter in city drinking water which is under the State of Nebraska required limit of 10.0 milligrams per liter.

State officials will confirm the new test results Thursday or Friday. The official confirmation process is delayed due to state offices being closed today for the Bush funeral.

Yesterday’s warning was the result of a sampling error having to do with readings from different wells. The error forced the city to broadcast warning announcements on the radio and send city employees door-to-door with printed notices.

While the new samples show the nitrate level to be within the state’s compliance minimums, the City of Wayne will still offer bottled water to any residents concerned with water safety.

For questions or concerns, contact Jeff Brady, Water Supervisor at 402-375-5250 or 402-375-9129; or Blecke at 402-375-1733.