New Location Highlighted During Chamber Coffee


WAYNE – Just over fourth months ago George Phelps hosted Chamber Coffee prior to moving to his new location.

The community was updated on the move during Friday morning Chamber Coffee from 120 W 3rd Street.

George Phelps Associates talked about the new location was ready to go.

“The walls have been recently painted, decoration was right, the décor was correct,” said Phelps. “So, really all I had to do was to move in, set up and I’m ready to go.”

Phelps works with broker-dealer D.H. Hill Securities as well as Insurance Management Organization (IMO) services of U.S. Financial Services and Partners Advantage.

Visit for more information. You can also contact Phelps by phone at 402-369-1818, fax 402-718-9415 or email

“I’m not always in the office because I’m out seeing potential clients,” Phelps added. “So, by contacting me by email or by text is a good way to do it.”

Phelps does have another room with some supplies if anyone is looking to rent out an office.

The location fits, according to Phelps

“Right across from the City Hall or catty-corner from the City Auditorium,” Phelps added. “It’s a nice location and I really like the location. It’s been a real boost to my practice.”

Join the Wayne State College bookstore for the next Friday morning Chamber Coffee on August 10 at 10 a.m.