New Emerson Medical Clinic And Apothecary Ready To Open On October 2nd

EMERSON – After lots of time and hard work, the Emerson Medical Clinic and Emerson Apothecary are set to open up to the public on Wednesday, October 2nd. The new location at 1003 South Main Street in Emerson is a branch of the Pender Community Hospital and will serve residents of Emerson and much more of northeast Nebraska.

The new facility will feature much more space than the old location. With four exam rooms and an expanded treatment room the new clinic will be able to provide a better variety of services to patients. Among those new services will be an onsite x-ray which will be much more convenient for patients rather than having to travel to a separate location. Lori Minert is the Manager of the new Emerson Medical Clinic as well as the clinics located in Pender, Bancroft, and Beemer. She and her team are excited for the new services the Emerson location has to offer including the addition of a pharmacy being combined with the clinic.

“We have added x-ray services up here, we are fully digital and we are excited to add that service. Prior to that if they came in with an injury, we would have to send them down to the Pender clinic and have x-ray then come back here or see a different provider down in Pender so (now) they can stay up here. The other thing that made it come full circle is that we’re excited to add pharmacy services up here so they can get their prescription filled here where previously they were having to drive to Pender to do that too. So, we feel like we have offered everything all in one place and so we are adding a lot of services that I think that the community of Emerson is excited to have,” said Minert.

The addition of Emerson Apothecary makes a total of five telepharmacies in the state of Nebraska, the first of which is in the northeast Nebraska region. Retail Pharmacy Manager, Shane Schuster, explains the features Emerson Apothecary has to offer.

“We will be adding an expanded over the counter area for those items. We are adding a pharmacy drive-thru and we feel like being next door to the clinic will really help us and help the patients with a continuum of care when they need a prescription, they are able to just walk right across the lobby,” said Schuster.

The Emerson Medical Clinic and Emerson Apothecary will open on October 2nd. The clinic will be open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. for the time being with hopes of eventually being open five days a week. The Emerson Apothecary is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. with the exception of Tuesday in which they close at 12:30 p.m.