New Case of COVID-19 Reported in Dixon County

The patient is male and in his 40’s

WAYNE – Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department (NNPHD) reports a new positive case of confirmed COVID-19 in Dixon County.

The patient is male and in his 40’s. The public health investigation has identified the close contacts of the person who is ill in order to ensure quarantine and isolation measures are being taken.

As of Sunday evening, April 26, 2020, there have been 201 reported COVID-19 tests completed for people living in the NNPHD Health District of Cedar, Dixon, Thurston and Wayne Counties. The results of these tests includes 7 positive cases (3 in Dixon, 2 in Thurston and 2 in Wayne County), 183 negatives, and 11 tests currently pending results.

Julie Rother, Health Director for NNPHD, stressed, “We need to consider that anyone could be infectious with the virus, even those who do not have symptoms. Please remember to use good social distancing practices such as wearing a face mask and maintaining at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others when you are out in public. Limit the number of trips you make to the store and only send one person to purchase needed items.”

You can stay up to date with the national Coronavirus situation on the CDC website at Nebraska DHHS also has a COVID-19 call in line where you can get your questions answered about the virus. The phone line operates from 8 am to 8 pm, seven days per week, 402-552-6645. Follow NNPHD on Facebook to get the latest local testing numbers and results or visit their website for local updates .