NEGOP Executive Committee To Select Special Election Nominee Saturday Morning

Lincoln, NE – Members of the Nebraska Republican Executive Committee (NEGOP) will meet at 11:00am Saturday at NEGOP Headquarters, 1610 N Street in Lincoln to select the Republican candidate who will run in the special First Congressional District election June 28th to replace Congressman Jeff Fortenberry who resigned the office on March 31st.


According to a Committee spokesman, any candidate who has submitted a Letter of Interest and is moved by a member of the NEGOP Executive Committee will be escorted to the meeting room to provide a brief five-minute address to the Executive Committee. At this writing, the known candidates include State Senator Mike Flood of Norfolk and retired Lt. Col John Glen Weaver of Omaha. Both are also on the May 10th primary election ballot.


Candidates were instructed to arrive by 10:45am CT on Saturday at the NEGOP Headquarters, and were invited to bring one guest or staff member. After the NEGOP Executive Committee makes their decision, there will be a news conference with the selected nominee and NEGOP leadership. The nominee will be asked to make some brief comments.


In a Friday media release, Weaver says “I am the most experienced to deal with the threats facing our country. Given my 22 years of (combat & Pentagon) leadership experiences leading in the Air Force I will gain instant credibility and trust of my colleagues in Congress to serve Nebraskans.”


Earlier this week, while accepting an endorsement from The Nebraska Farm Bureau, Mike Flood stated that he wasn’t “taking anything for granted” and that it was his mission to reach every voter in the district to explain why he was the best candidate to serve Nebraska. Flood also released a statement on Thursday stating that to date he has raised over $700,000 in campaign financing. Flood has now also received the endorsement of Third District Congressman Adrian Smith.