#NebraskaStrong Messages To Cover NSP Cruiser Throughout State Fair

#NebraskaStrong Messages To Cover NSP Cruiser Throughout State Fair
Courtesy of NSP

GRAND ISLAND – All who plan on attending the Nebraska State Fair are also invited to support fellow Nebraskans affected by flooding and blizzards earlier this year by writing #NebraskaStrong messages.

According to a release from the Nebraska State Patrol, their goal is to entirely cover a NSP Dodge Charger. Those messages, written on post-it notes, will then be used to cover the cruiser on display in the NSP booth at the State Fair.

With all the people who attend the Nebraska State Fair, troopers with NSP think they can cover an entire NSP cruiser with Post-it notes, featuring messages of support for those affected by the largest natural disaster our state has seen.

In March, blizzard and flooding conditions caused 81 of Nebraska’s 93 counties to declare an emergency, along with 104 city emergency declarations, 5 tribal area declarations and 13 who declared through other governmental entities. In the days following, Nebraskans circulated the hashtag #NebraskaStrong on social media, which garnered national attention for the state and those dealing with the effects of the disaster.

Fair attendees can visit the NSP display, write their #NebraskaStrong message on a Post-it note, and attach it to the cruiser any time throughout the Nebraska State Fair now through Monday, September 2.

The NSP booth is located in the southeast corner of the Pinnacle Bank Expo Building in Grand Island, which is near on State Fair Boulevard between the main gate and the midway.