Nebraska Voters Participate In Historic Primary Election

LINCOLN – Nebraska voters surpassed a 48-year-old record for ballots cast in a primary election following the May 12 Primary.

According to a release from Secretary of State Robert B. Evnen, 471,000 Nebraskans voted in the month of May during a historic primary election year.

This all was accomplished within the legal framework that already existed in Nebraska. Voters do not have to have a reason to request an early mail-in ballot in every election and in the midst of the pandemic, every Nebraska voter was mailed an early ballot request form. Nebraskans were also informed of this option through newspaper, radio and social media.

The polls ran smoothly on May 12 as the preliminary numbers show that about 60,000 to 65,000 Nebraskans voted at the polls. Every polling place was safely opened for Nebraska voters who chose to vote in person.

The logistics of this election did not just happen as state officials were grateful for the 4,000 poll workers who stepped up to open Nebraska’s polls on time.

Nebraska voters, county clerks, election commissioners, their staffs, the Secretary of State Elections Division staff and Deputy Secretary for Elections Wayne Bena, all stepped up, refusing to allow the terrible pandemic in our midst to stop Nebraskans from exercising the right to vote.

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