Nebraska Street Improvements, Water Transmission Main Projects Seeking Action On Payments  

WAYNE – A couple action items will make up the regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting on Tuesday, August 18.

Council will meet back at the Community Room of the Wayne Community Activity Center starting at 5:30 p.m.

Councilmembers will hear action on change order number one deducting $25,581.55 to adjust for quantity overruns and underruns for Phase 1. This will also account for additional water main quantities for Phase 2 and to extend the contract completion dates. The substantial completion would be September 19 with the final completion date being set for October 19. Robert Woehler & Sons Construction is doing the work for the “2019 Nebraska Street Improvements Project”. Robert Woehler & Sons Constructions is also seeking payment number six in the amount of $60,897 for the project.

Moving into the “2019 Water Transmission Main Project” through Rutjens Construction, council will look to take action on change order number four deducting $9,724.90 to adjust final quantities. Then payment number three, which is the final payment, will be in the amount of $145,294.38. A resolution will then be brought forward to councilmembers to accept the work and approve the Certificate of Substantial Completion for the project.