Nebraska State Patrol Tips For Blizzard Travel

“We always recommend that people just don’t travel."

- Captain Paul Hattan

The impending spring blizzard has all law enforcement agencies all over Nebraska bracing for a long weekend.

Some regions of Nebraska are even expecting up to 18 inches of snow, however it isn’t the accumulation that has Nebraska State Patrol Captain Paul Hattan concerned. 

“I think the biggest concern is not just the total amount of snow, but the winds that are going to be packed behind this,” Hattan says.

These conditions have law enforcement encouraging people to stay home and avoid travel.

“We always recommend that people just don’t travel.”

“There is a silver lining that it is a weekend so there’s a little flexibility on not having to go to school and to work for most people,” Hattan says.

“So it kind of gives you that flexibility that you might not have to travel and we would always say ere on the side of caution  if you don’t have to travel, it sounds like especially tomorrow and Saturday it is a time to stay home.”

If you do have to travel the next few days, here are a few tips from Captain Hattan that can help you be prepared.

  • Wear a seatbelt
  • Slow down and drive to the conditions
  • Give yourself distance between vehicles
  • If you do get stranded stay with your vehicle
  • Have a full tank of gas
  • Keep a safety kit including water, food, blankets and extra clothes
  • Make sure your cell phone is charged

And Hattan’s final piece of advice to those that must travel, “Just pay attention, listen to the weather broadcasts and plan accordingly.”