Nebraska Space Ambassador Presents To Rotary

NEBRASKA CITY – High school science teacher Tammy Blobaum presented to Rotarians Wednesday on her participation in the Liftoff Summer Institute held at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Blobaum was selected for the highly competitive Liftoff program where she spent a week working with professional scientists, engineers, and other space ambassadors. She uses her experience from this program to enhance her classroom and the science summer camp she is part of.

As one of only 12 Space Ambassadors for the state of Nebraska, Blobaum has been part of the program for the last five years, with this being her first time accepted into the summer institute.

Blobaum says that as an educator this is a way for her to reach out and connect with the community.

Blobaum: “The educators in your community are very passionate about what they do and they go to great lengths to reach out and find professional development, bring that back and incorporate that into their community.”

Two of the 12 Nebraska Space Ambassadors are from Nebraska City, Blobaum and Elizabeth Dunn.