Nebraska Game & Parks Reminds Hunters To Be Safe During Spring Turkey Season

LINCOLN – Spring turkey hunters are eager to get out in the woods. The following are a few things to remember while turkey hunting, to ensure safety.

Always keep the shotgun’s muzzle pointed in a safe direction with the safety on. Avoid keeping a finger on the trigger until a target has been positively identified. Make sure the target is visible and undoubtedly a turkey.

Do not wear white, blue, or red while turkey hunting. Male turkeys sport these colors in the spring. Spring weather can change quickly, so be prepared.

Ticks are more prevalent as the weather warms. Checking for ticks after hunting is important. Hair and waistbands are common areas to find ticks. Some products, like permethrin, are effective at preventing ticks when used properly.

Nebraska Game and Parks also encourages hunters to take someone along and introduce them to the thrill. For more information about turkey hunting in Nebraska, visit