Nebraska Game & Parks Offering Lifetime Parking Passes For Disabled Veterans

LINCOLN – Veterans in the state of Nebraska are eligible for free lifetime parking passes at Nebraska state parks. This is due to the recent passage of LB 770 by the state legislature. Senator Tim Gragert from Creighton introduced the bill.

The stipulations include a discharge that was characterized as honorable or general. Also, this bill applies to Veterans deemed 50 percent or more disabled from military service, or if they receive a Veterans Administration pension because of a disability.

Veterans with disabled hunt and fish permits already qualify for the parking permit. These people still must apply.

Game and Parks Director Jim Douglas stated that we all owe Veterans a token of gratitude and free entry into Nebraska’s beautiful parks is great way to do that.

The parking permit is a windshield sticker of unique design. A park entry permit is required at every Nebraska state park or historical park.

Visit, or visit any Nebraska Game and Parks Commission office to apply for a pass. The forms must be signed by a Veteran Service officer. Those forms should be returned to the Game and Parks office, or mailed to P.O. Box 30370, Lincoln, NE 68508-0370. Permits will be issued on November 16.