Nebraska Farm Bureau Releases Harvest Time Safety Reminder

Nebraska Farm Bureau Releases Harvest Time Safety Reminder
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LINCOLN – 2020 is a year we will not soon forget. The COVID-19 virus is still upon us. Students may or may not be back in the classroom. Some people might be working from home.

This is the time to pay attention on farms, ranches, and on roads and highways.

Here are some tips to stay safe this fall, with large, slow-moving farm machinery on the roads.

Farmers: get plenty of rest and slow down to avoid accidents. Take time on equipment repairs. Do not put your hands near moving augers. Also, do not wear loose clothing when working around an auger.

Drivers: drive without distractions. Texting and checking smartphones are still the leading cause of vehicular accidents. This is especially dangerous around harvest time. If you are driving behind a slow-moving vehicle, take it slow and pass safely. Turns are slower for these vehicles, so be patient. Most farmers leave room for passing, but awareness of where you are driving and patience is the best way to prevent accidents.

Farmers driving farm equipment: make sure your lights are working, so motorists can identify you. Wiping down reflective tape and slow-moving vehicle (SMV) signs are important, that way these markings can be seen. Additionally, use flashers on public roads.

Harvest time can be one of the most dangerous times of the year. Remembering that we all share the roads is the best mindset to keep everyone safe.

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