Wayne County Nebraska Extension Welcomes In 124 Students During ‘Connect The Dots’ Program

WAYNE – Over 120 high school freshmen in northeast Nebraska attended Connect the Dots, “A Career Exploration Day” which was the second of three in a row this week.

Hosted by the University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension, students from Wayne, Wakefield and Winside took part in the career exploration simulation program at the Wayne National Guard Armory throughout the day Wednesday. Nebraska Extension was also in Pierce Tuesday before traveling to Columbus Thursday and have hosted about 30 events across the state.

The day is designed to help ninth grade students learn more about careers of interest as well as how to “connect the dots” from ninth grade through postsecondary study in the workplace.

Employees from the community of Wayne played the roles for each of the 16 career clusters.

Following a welcome and opening remarks, students took part in an ice breaker before the “Connect the Dots” simulation began.

Students were put in groups of two or three and given an education from either a high school diploma (GED), two-year associates degree from Northeast Community College or four-year degrees from Wayne State College or UNL. The military was also being represented by the Wayne National Guard.

Groups then went out to choose a career from one of the career clusters before finding out if they had enough schooling or needed to go back for more. This was done two more times where they were provided information from which career they wanted to know more about from Nebraska Extension’s 650 possible jobs.

Breakout sessions followed lunch before an evaluation was held as students loaded their busses around 2 p.m.

For more information, contact Nebraska Extension in Wayne County at 402-375-3310 or visit wayne.unl.edu.