Nebraska DMV Service Now Tracks Driver’s License, ID Deliveries

Nebraska DMV Service Now Tracks Driver’s License, ID Deliveries
Courtesy of DMV.

LINCOLN – A new online service will now be utilized through the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles.

According to a release from the DMV, this service will track the production and mailing status of driver’s licenses and ID cards.

The new service allows customers who have ordered a new license or state ID card to track their card while it is in transit. After applying for a new document, customers will be able to see online when their document has been printed and mailed. Once a document has been mailed, expect it to arrive within 10 days via the U.S. Postal Service.

The service can be accessed at the DMV website,, and instructions will be provided to all applicants on their temporary document. The information will be accessible for 90 days, so those who apply for multiple documents may see more than one listed online.

DMV officials state this is just an example of their ongoing efforts to provide customers the opportunity to do business with the DMV anytime, day or night, when it is most convenient for them. The DMV encourages everyone to utilize this service and the many online services the Nebraska DMV provides.

Previously, the only way to check on the mailing status of a license was to contact the DMV directly during business hours. Now, customers can freely access that information any time from their own computers or phones. Since launching about a month ago, more than 4,000 customers have already taken advantage of the new service.

Again, customers will have access to more accurate and timely information that can be accessed any time they wish.

Many DMV services can be accessed quickly and easily online any time at