Nebraska Department Of Transportation (NDOT) Implemented New Roadside Memorial Guidelines

LINCOLN – Immediate family members can memorialize a death caused by a vehicular crash on the Nebraska State Highway System through the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT). The NDOT announced the progress of new guidelines for roadside memorials, in a release.

It was November 2019 when NDOT announced their new roadside memorial guidelines. NDOT have been working with families about creating new memorials and regarding existing memorials. They remain ready to listen to the families’ feedback to improve memorial guidelines. The needs of grieving families and road safety are the main priorities of NDOT. There have been 20 new signs put up in the last eight months.

NDOT will produce signs that will remain as close to the desired location as safely possible. Unfortunately, signs cannot be placed on interstate highways for safety reasons. The signs remain at the site for two years.

There are five available messages that the signs can read. The message is chosen by the family. The five messages are “Please Drive Safely,” “Seat Belts Save Lives,” “Don’t Drink and Drive,” “Don’t Text and Drive,” and “Don’t Drive Impaired.” The signs display the name of the individual being memorialized.

Guidance rules and applications regarding roadside memorial signs can be found at Applications can be completed electronically or printed and sent to the Communications and Public Policy Division of the NDOT. The application fee is $50 to offset the cost of the sign.