Nebraska Arts Council Allowing Nebraskans To Vote For New License Plate Design

Nebraska Arts Council Allowing Nebraskans To Vote For New License Plate Design
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OMAHA – Over 40 design concepts were submitted for Nebraska’s first Support the Arts license plate, the Nebraska Arts Council needs your help.

According to a release from the Nebraska Arts Council (NAC), in collaboration with the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles, the license plates were narrowed to three finalists based on concept, readability and adherence to manufacturing requirements.

Nebraskans can vote for their favorite until Thursday, September 17. Grade each of the finalists on a scale of 1 – 5 with five being the highest score. The winning artist will receive $500. Along with the money award, bragging rights are on the line because their design will be sported on cars across the state of Nebraska.

The Nebraska Arts Council would like to remind those who are voting that the colors may not be exactly what you’ll see on the plate itself due to variations in your computer and phone screen displays.

Plate one titled Mosaic, which is traditionally found throughout the Nebraska state capitol; plate two is Kaleidoscope and was designed and built using symbols from each art discipline to symbolize how unity and interconnectedness amongst the arts produces the rich, harmonious and complete artistic identity of Nebraska as plate three is stage lights with the design using the implied simplified feeling evident in the Arts Council logo itself and adds the feeling of (the special lighting) of a public performance.

The Nebraska Support the Arts program was made possible with the passing of Legislative Bill (LB) 942. Omaha Senator Megan Hunt introduced the bill. LB 942 allows the “Support the Arts” program to give their proceeds toward Creative Districts throughout Nebraska.

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