NDOT Releases ‘Road To Reimbursement’ Phase For Flood-Impacted Counties

LINCOLN – Nearly eight months after Nebraska began recovering from significant weather that impacted much of the state’s transportation system, local agencies will be accepting invoices for reimbursements.

According to a release from the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT), melting snow, coupled with rain related flooding, resulted in exponential damage to Nebraska roads and bridges in mid-March.

NDOT officials, with support from the Federal Highway Administration, determined that 43 counties suffered damage to federal-aid routes. The NDOT is now working with Local Agencies to reimburse entities for work on 179 local government sites with estimated damages of $47 million.

Immediately following the March 2019 flooding, Nebraska Local Agencies began working on repairing damage to the state’s transportation network. Now that majority of the repairs have been completed, NDOT can begin the process of reimbursing the 43 impacted counties. As of now, no reimbursements have been made.

NDOT will assist local entities with the majority of required documentation and help walk through a step by step process. Most importantly, counties will need to submit their invoices (time, equipment, materials and contracts) for work done to complete the process.

Invoices can be submitted to Jodi Gibson; Local Assistance Division Manager; 1400 Highway 2; Lincoln, NE 68502.

Invoices can be submitted at any time but NDOT urges quick submittal.  To see where your county is in the reimbursement process for each impacted site, click here.