N150 Charter Week Approaching, Wayne County Extension Office Introduces “Flat Herbie”


WAYNE – Just over four months after Wayne County Extension hosted Chamber Coffee to honor National 4-H Week, the office is now celebrating Nebraska 4-H Month in February.

Community members visited the basement of the Wayne County Courthouse Friday morning during the weekly coffee event.

February 15, 1869, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln was chartered. Wayne County extension educator Amy Topp said “Flat Herbie” will be popping up around the state.

“It’s kind of our goal to have “Flat Herbie” appear at many different things” said Topp. “So, this is part of the Charter thing that 4-H is trying to help promote and university wide.”

Throughout the year, different events will be held to promote UNL with the connection of Nebraska Extension and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The initial 4-H deadline was February 1 as Wayne county is getting enrolment and kicking off the new 4-H year.

About five years ago the Clover Program (5-8) was added to 4-H. In early February, there were 22, 4-Hers in the basement of the Wayne County courthouse.

“We do like a themed activity,” Topp added. “So, we tried to base our activities around the character of caring with February and talking about 4-H month. So, it’s an exploration time for them.”

The traditional 4-H club program is 8-18 by December 31.

Join the Wayne Fire Hall for Friday morning Chamber Coffee on February 15 at 10 a.m.