Mundil Firework Stand Celebrates Quarter-Century of Fireworks

Mundil Firework Stand Celebrates Quarter-Century of Fireworks
Courtesy of The Mundil Firework Stand.

WAYNE – A northeast Nebraska firework stand is celebrating their 25th anniversary as they’re open for the 4th of July season.

The Mundil Firework Stand got their tent set up early last week and for their 25th anniversary of Ka-Boomers Fireworks. The tent is located on a lot north of Highway 35 near 7th street between the Sports Club Motel and Journey Christian Church. The stand is open each day until 10 p.m. and will be open until midnight on Saturday, July 4.

A lot of families will be celebrating from home this year with the large events being canceled and Kyle Mundil Dye said the alternative is to be safe at home and don’t go out into these large group events.

“Because of that we got a larger variety of little finales that you can do,” said Kyle Mundil Dye. “Things that are comparable to the big event shows that you are going to see that you can have in your own backyard.”

Parents Daryl and Christina started the stand in the mid-1990s where Elkhorn Valley Bank is currently located before the kids took it over a handful of years ago.

Kyle (Mundil) and Dustin (Dye) live in Chicago while Shailynn and Keith both live in Lincoln.

Christina (Mundil) Bloomfield Spethman lives in Omaha and added she never dreamed it would be 25 years.

“It just blossomed from there,” Christina Mundil added. “We kept having the same customers come back and it’s something that we enjoy doing. We kind of got the process streamlined and it’s just something that we wanted to continue to do.”

The Mundil’s also had a firework stand in South Sioux City for a brief time after they opened in Wayne.

Shailynn runs the register and was three months old when her parents opened the stand in Wayne. She mentioned they have a new symbol for those who drive by to get their attention.

“We used to have a big (American) flag out there,” Shailynn Mundil added. “That was up for like 12 years but we had to retire that flag. Now we have Eddy the Bald Eagle. We’re open to name changes, that’s just the best thing we could come up with right away.”

Although losing about four months of imports from China, the warehouse in Wahoo had much on hand from the year prior.

Keith Mundil, who is an electrician in Lincoln, was minus three years old when the stand opened. He talked about it’s been his whole life and he liked to play underneath the tables as a little kid.

“I was the kid that I’d take the old boxes and build forts out of them,” said Keith Mundil. “I would be underneath the trailer in my own little cardboard fort most of the time. I didn’t do much work…I was kind of just here to play.”

Daryl Mundil, who has been a mail carrier in Wayne for 26 years, added he’s happy those who visit appreciate the firework stand.

“I know the kids enjoyed seeing their customers come back and then seeing the families grow up,” Daryl Mundil. “That’s one of the things they kind of like doing they kind of like doing is coming back and seeing the town people and stuff like that.”

The Mundil Firework Stand will also be implanting a new game when they hide an “egg” around town. To receive clues, visit the firework stand as the second “egg” worth $125 of free fireworks, was hidden Monday after the Foote family found the first.

Dustin Mundil Dye has been with the Mundil family for nine years and since he was 12, he’s always wanted to work in a firework stand. When Kyle said he has to come back to Wayne to work his parent’s firework stand he asked if they needed any help.

“I love how excited people get when they’re here which is more exciting for me then just lighting off the fireworks,” Dustin Mundil Dye added. “I also like to make the tent look awesome, every year it gets so much better and we get bigger and better stuff.

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