More Information Will Be Provided On Placing Wards/Al-Large Council Seats On Ballot During Tuesday Night’s Council Meeting

WAYNE – A pair of action items will be addressed towards the end of the regularly scheduled Wayne City Council meeting along with several resolution agenda items being brought forward.

The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 7.

From the council chambers inside City Hall, council will first hear of an appointment. Mytzy Rodriguez-Kufner will replace Jean Lutt as Commissioner to the Wayne Housing Authority Board. The current board is Chair Randy Lutt, Vice Chair Peg Lett and Commissioners Galen Wiser and Jill Walling.

Next up will be a trio of agenda items pertaining to the “Pine Heights Road & Utility Improvements Project”. Change order #2 will be a decrease of $15,921.60 along with payment #5 in the amount of $29,020.20 will be addressed to Myers Construction, Inc. Councilmembers will then take action on the Certificate of Substantial Completion for the project.

An agreement between the City of Wayne and Northeast Power will also be seeking approval. Northeast has approached the City to gauge the interest of the City of Wayne in selling excess power when they generate back to the grid during emergencies. This agreement does not force the City to generate or generate in excess but only allows the City to sell excess power generated that is put back on the grid to Northeast.

Northeast Power is looking to specifically hedge their power purchases through February 2022, especially if another “polar vortex” took place. After March 1, 2022, Big Rivers (BREC) has hedges in place to minimize purchase risks for both Northeast and the City of Wayne. Staff is still working on a determined price for the agreement as this price would be a fixed cost (i.e. personnel, maintenance) plus a variable fuel cost and a 20% upcharge.

A total of six resolutions will then be addressed.

They include adopting updated procurement procedures and code of conduct; a service/consultant agreement between the City and Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District for general administration of Community Development Block Grant (owner-occupied rehab) funds; specifications and authorizing the purchase of a pickup truck through the state bid system from Arnie’s Foard (Park and Recreation Department); reaffirming the interlocal agreement between the City of Wayne and the Village of Carroll along with amending the personal policy for ‘Holiday Leave’ and ‘Employee Benefits’.

Councilmembers will then act on directing staff to prepare the necessary documents for council action to have the matter of changing from Wards to Wards/At-Large council seats on the ballot. From a previous conversation with council, staff has done a little more research and will bring forward more information to the meeting.

Closing out the Tuesday night meeting will be an action item on setting a town hall meeting to discuss annexation. The original town hall meeting was set for April of 2020, but due to COVID, was postponed. The process will resume again in light of the fact that the new Dollar General will be opening soon and is located outside the city limits.