Mid-Term General Election Results To Be Aired This Evening

WAYNE – As voters head to their respective polling places, make sure to listen to Big Red Country 104.9 and online at waynedailynews.com this evening for live results.

From 7 p.m. until the last votes are unofficially counted, KTCH will announce the national, state and local race results.

In Wayne County alone there are several contested races.

On the County Ticket, County Commissioner District 1 features Republican Terry Sievers and Democrat Louis E. Benscoter.

On the City Ticket, Wayne Mayor is between Pat Melena, Cale Giese and Jane O’Leary (write-in) as well as City Council Ward 1 (Rodney Greve and Christopher A. Woehler) and City Council Ward 4 (Jill Brodersen and Jessi Hansen).

Also, some voters in Wayne County will help decide the Wakefield Mayor race (Paul M. Eaton and Steve Greve) as well as City Council Ward II (Larry Soderberg and Megan Weaver). The other City Council Ward 1 in Dixon County will feature Kenny Thomsen and Scott Hansen.

On the School Ticket in Wayne County, voters will select up to three for the Wayne School District 17 Board of Education among Scott Meisenbach, Amanda Hawthorne, Sylvia Ruhl, Kelly Meyer, Justin A. Davis and Jodi Pulfer.

Also, some voters in the county will have other school boards to vote on, such as: Pierce School District 2 (vote for three): Ted Krienke, Kevin L. Flesner, Adam Venteicher and Bandon Hamilton; LCC District 54 (vote for five): John Wolfgram, Jay Hall, Scott L. Taylor, Daniel Kuhlman, Angela Johnson, Jesse Lee Jackson and Grant M Settje as well as Winside School District 95R (vote for three): Dana Bargstadt, Johnathan Jaeger, Tarrin Quinn, Kate Falk and Cory Russell.

Other contested races in Wayne County include:

LENRD Board of Directors At Large: Joel J. Hansen and Greg Owens

Village of Hoskins for Board of Trustees (vote for three): Richard L. Doffin, Jr., Joshua Koepke, James A. Miller and Janet Bruggeman

Village of Winside for Board of Trustees (vote for three): Duane E. Thies, Christine Shoff, Teresa Watters, Stefanie K. Rohde and Andrew Lowe


For the 2018 General Election Notice and sample ballots for Wayne County, go to waynecountyne.org and select the Election Commissioner section under the County Offices tab. Visit other area county websites and search for their election notices and sample ballots to view other races.