Message From Winside Superintendent Of Schools, School Board Places Bond Initiative On May Ballot

WINSIDE – During a recent Winside Public Schools Board of Education meeting, the group voted on a resolution to put a bond initiative on the ballot for May 11, 2021.

A formal election has been called and a group of community members and district representatives will be working to gather and communicate detailed information to the public before they vote.

The information provided will focus on the needs the district is facing now, how the proposed project solution addresses those needs, the financial impact on district taxpayers and the impact of the project on the future of the Winside School district.

Over the next several weeks, the group will be working on gathering this information and begin rolling it out toward the end of March.

Information will be posted via social media, informational mailings, small group outreach meetings and larger public information meetings prior to patrons voting.

The goal of this group is to make sure every patron has access to accurate information about the bond issue so they can be an informed voter.

Superintendent of Winside, Mr. Andrew Offner would like to thank everyone in advance for being an active participant in the information campaign once it formally begins.