Make A Special Trip To Wayne To Recycle Electronics

WAYNE – Join the Wayne Green Team for their Sixth annual Electronics Recycling event this weekend near the City Hall.

Two trucks from DataShield Corporation from Omaha will arrive early Saturday, September 15 as the event will last from 8 until 10:30 a.m. or earlier if the truck fills up. Load your vehicles up and enter eastbound on third street between Lincoln and Pearl Streets. Third street will be closed to traffic during that time to regular traffic.

In 2017, 19,000 pounds of electronics were recycled.

Wayne Green Team Representative, Sandy Brown said there will be volunteers greeting the vehicles at the start of the line.

“Taking any fees and taking donations we hope, lots of donations,” said Brown. “We like to take some information about where did you here about us and maybe where you’re from. Are you from Wayne or other communities, because we welcome other communities.”

The requested donation per carload is $10 or $50 for a business load of reasonable size. Other fees include $5 per monitor, $10 for TV’s and the group did receive special permission to accept microwaves for a $10 fee (no charge for flat screens). No other appliances, batteries or VHS tapes will be accepted.

The Wildcat men’s basketball team will be joined by the Wayne State College women’s soccer team in unloading vehicles.

The Green Team applies for grants every year through the Nebraska Development of Environmental Equality, but still have to show their own contributions.

“Whether through volunteers who are working the event or planning the event and also trying to support in some ways,” Brown added. “The City is always very helpful with that in coordinating the street closure. We get great support from our police department as well as our city crew, too.”

In the past five years, the Wayne Green team has received $35,000 in grant money.

Visit the, like them on Facebook or call 402-375-1733 for more information.