Local Wayne Churches To Ring Bells Each Night At 6 PM, Other Communities Invited To Do The Same

WAYNE – Members with the Wayne Association of Congregations and Ministers are coming together ringing their church bells in unison.

Wayne Strong. God Strong. A quote from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “For bells are the voice of the church; They have tones that touch and search the hearts of young and old.

“Church Night” for the community is Wednesday. All the local churches began ringing their bells at 6 p.m. for five minutes earlier this week and will continue to do so each night. This will last until the community can gather together again in places of worship, bleachers, theatres and restaurants.

The Wayne Association of Congregations and Ministers are asking all who have a bell to join. Churches will ring their bells to celebrate our commitment to protect each other, to remind us that God is at work in this crisis and to humble us to pray for our leaders, our families and our friends.

Wayne is strong, God is Stronger.  The group also invites other communities and churches to do the same.