Local Sharp Shooters 4-H Club Fairs Well During State Invite, Brings Home Open Team Championship

Local Sharp Shooters 4-H Club Fairs Well During State Invite, Brings Home Open Team Championship
Courtesy of Darin Greunke, Leader (l to r): James Simpson, Mitchell Fisher, Emily Eilers, Ne Hunter Ed Coordinator Jackson Ellis and Lily Henley.

BROKEN BOW – The Wayne County Sharp Shooters 4-H Club took their talents to the 41st annual Nebraska Youth Smallbore Silhouette Invitational in late September.

The Pressey Wildlife Management Area is located just south of Broken Bow as 71 shooters from across Nebraska were in action on Saturday, September 29.

All youth age 11 through seniors in high school were invited as the event is sponsored by the Nebraska Game and Parks. The only requirement for those to participate is to be a graduate of the Nebraska Firearm Hunter Education Program.

James Simpson of Wayne captured a State Championship for 2018 by recording 35 hits. During the shoot, Simpson hit five in a row on chickens and rams while knocking down all 10 boars. He also ran a consecutive hit streak on boars to 100 before calling it a day and receiving certificates for each streak.

Courtesy of Darin Greunke, Leader: James Simpson

Other members of the Wayne County Sharp Shooters 4-H Club who competed were Emily Eilers of Wayne and Mitchell Fisher of Wakefield. Eilers shot a 29 and earned a first place senior high medal and five in a row certificates for boars and rams while Fisher finished with 24 hits along with five in a row on boars.

According to a release, smallbore silhouettes is a fun, but challenging, game. Competitors shoot .22 caliber (smallbore) rimfire rifles at four sets of metallic animal shapes at varying distances. Chickens at 40 meters, boars at 60 meters, turkeys at 77 meters and rams at 100 meters. Each animal has ten targets, two banks of five targets each. The objective is to hit or knock down all the targets while shooting from a standing position as a perfect score on the day would be 40 hits.

Each year, in addition to individual placings, team scores are tabulated. There are three team divisions, high school- four competitors from the same school; 4-H – four members from the same club; and open team- four competitors put together to form a team. Simpson, Eilers and Fisher recruited Lily Henley from Lincoln to form an open team. Henley shot a 26 to help the team earn the first place open team medal with 114 hits.