LENRD Informed Public, Received People’s Views Regarding Groundwater Quality Concerns Last Week

WEST POINT – The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (LENRD) hosted a public hearing last Thursday in West Point. The goal of the meeting was to inform the public about groundwater quality concerns. Additionally, the board opened the meeting to oral and written comments from the public addressing the water quality issue.

Next, the board will review these comments from the public at its next meeting.

LENRD launched a new website bringing the issue to light. Visit www.nitrateinwater.org, to learn more about how the district is dealing with this environmental and health problem.

The LENRD board held its March meeting after the hearing last week. In other business, the board approved financial assistance for the villages of Winslow and Pender. This will provide flood control assistance.

For more information about LENRD and its 12 responsibilities, visit www.lenrd.org.