LENRD Conservatively Using Tax Revenue, Moving Forward With Maple Creek Watershed Plan

NORFOLK – The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (LENRD) is spending taxpayer dollars as efficiently as possible. They will utilize a large amount of grant money for the next fiscal period. Of the estimated $13 million budget, just $4.5 million will come form the property tax levy. The estimated levy, based on property tax requests, is 2.37 cents per $100 valuation.

A major project for the 2021 fiscal year includes the Levee and Flood Protection projects totaling $1.9 million. Water Resources Programs will cost $543,025. Project Construction and flood repairs are an estimated $1.3 million cost. Conservation Cost-Share programs total $550,000.

The USDA Natural Conservation Service (NRCS) awarded funding for the Maple Creek Watershed Plan. This project includes flood prevention efforts and irrigation management projects.

The LENRD received a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) to expand groundwater monitoring in Pierce County. They will be watching the nitrate levels to ensure safe drinking water in the area.

The LENRD serves all or parts of 15-counties in northeast Nebraska.  Visit the LENRD website, www.lenrd.org, to sign up for monthly emails from the district.  Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, too.