Legislative Summit Information Posted, Senator Albrecht Provides Updates On Vaccine Mandates, State Board Of Education

WAYNE – As harvest season continues to be in full swing, District 17 Senator Joni Albrecht reminds Nebraskans that the feeling of ‘Fall’ and ‘Harvest’ run deeper that just chilly air and leaves falling.

According to a weekly release from Senator Albrecht, Nebraskans connect these words to family, tradition and hope.

She states, “we feed not just America but the world. In fact, this past Tuesday, October 12 was National Farmer’s Day. Farmers are the backbone of America’s food chain and your gritty ‘get it done’ attitude is recognized across America as a solid, no nonsense reliable slice of what makes America a leader on the world stage. I count it a privilege to serve as your Senator. Please continue to be safe as you bring in a bountiful harvest.”

Senator Albrecht went onto highlight vaccine mandates, information on the State Board of Education and a recent Legislative Summit.

Senator Albrecht is growing increasingly concerned about the level of government overreach that is impacting our personal choices to make decisions. Several constituents have been reaching out to Senator Albrecht letting her know they are also concerned about mandates being imposed and how they are impacting our lives and livelihoods. Texas Governor proclaimed an Executive Order prohibiting vaccine mandates until the Texas Legislature meets to vote on it. Unfortunately, Nebraska’s constitution and laws do not extend the same kind of authority to the Nebraska Governor. Governor Ricketts can waive statutes (during an emergency) and issue Directed Health Measures but cannot write new statutes.

Senator Albrecht and her colleagues are considering legislation to prohibit vaccine mandates in Nebraska as well.

With new information coming forward each week about the Health Education Standards that the State Board of Education carried out in drafting, Senator Albrecht is working with key stakeholders to bring relevant legislation in January. She hopes to create healthy parameters around the role of the State Board of Education and the Nebraska Department of Education. Nebraska needs to ensure that children are well educated in the core subjects like Math, English, Writing, Science and Social Studies as well as being protected from inappropriate subject matter that they are not mature enough to process without causing harm.

Senator Albrecht also attended the Blueprint Nebraska: The 2021 Platte Institute Legislative Summit earlier this month. Several business, agriculture and community leaders were part of a panel discussion- think-tank deliberating the big picture of broadband and economic development in Nebraska.

One of the topics was work-force development post COVID as the discussion centered around what Nebraska employers can do to create new and attractive jobs for the citizens of Nebraska.

Senator Albrecht is a member of the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee. Much of rural America has not been built out yet. Though funds have been invested from both federal and state governments, there has been a large gap across the nation in seeing rural areas served adequately to meet their needs.

The group also discussed how rural agricultural communities have a growing dependence on the use of broadband to carry out their business transactions.

If you have any comments or concerns, contact Senator Albrecht at 402-471-2716 or email jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov.