Legislative District 17 Redistricting Session Updates

WAYNE – With fall being the favorite time of year for District 17 Senator, Joni Albrecht, she looks forward to harvest.

According to the weekly release from Senator Albrecht, in September the nation celebrated Farm Safety and Health week and living in an agricultural community, Nebraskans know that farm safety needs to be shifted into high gear throughout the entire harvest season. She wants everyone to be very careful in slowing down for machinery on the roads, especially when traveling over hilly areas where you can come upon someone rather unexpectedly. Also, with long hours in the field, take care to get plenty of rest and eat a good diet so you can stay healthy and alert throughout the day as she wishes everyone a safe and bountiful harvest.

Getting into the 107th Legislature Special Redistrict Session, redistricting in Nebraska is complete as Governor Pete Ricketts has signed off on the final versions.

District 17 is made up of Dakota, Thurston and Wayne counties as LD17 has now grown with the addition of Wakefield and Emerson moving into the District from Dixon County to make those communities whole. For those who are familiar with Highway 35 coming from Emerson towards Wakefield if you continue to drive straight west along the country gravel road at the junction of Highway 35/9 this area would fill the cavity seen on the 2011 redistricting map. The population of the redesigned LD17 is now 40,122.

Congressional District 3 (CD3) grew also with the addition of the following counties: Washington, Burt, Thurston, Otoe and western Polk. Making CD3 made up of 79.5 counties out of 93. Congressman Adrian Smith will continue as representative of CD3, which now includes Thurston County in Legislative District 17.

Public Service Commission D4 keeps Legislative District 17 in the same district noting that Washington and Adams counties were added and Webster, Wheeler, Greeley and Howard counties are now in District 5. Rod Johnson is the District 4 voting member of the Commission.

Supreme Court Judicial District 3 keeps Legislative District 17; however, Platte and Colfax counties moved into District 5. Justice William B. Cassel is the District 3 Justice.

Board of Regents District 3 keeps Legislative District 17 in place but loses Knox and Pierce counties and adds Polk, Butler and Saunders counties. Jim Pillen is the District 3 voting member of the Board.

State Board of Education has considerable change as LD 17 was in District 3 at the 2011 redistricting; however, it is in District 6 through the 2021 redistricting map and now consists of Thurston, Dakota, Dixon, Cedar, Wayne, Knox, Pierce, Antelope, Wheeler, Boone, Greeley, Nance, Howard, Merrick, Buffalo, Hall and Adams counties. Maureen Nickels is the District 6 voting member of the Board.

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Senator Albrecht also gave updates as she serves on the revenue committee and the group recently held a special interim hearing; attended a “Bells Across America” event at the Dakota City Fire Department; provided updates Nebraska Economic Tax Credit in District 17 and great news at Wayne State College.

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Senator Albrecht always appreciates hearing from you, the constituents of District 17. Your input helps her know how to effectively serve you in the Legislature. If you have any comments or concerns, contact the office of Senator Joni Albrecht at 402-471-2716 or email jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov.