Legacy Fund Welcomes In Community, Majestic Theatre Makes Announcement


WAYNE – Along with a video showcased at the Majestic Theatre, the Wayne Area Legacy Fund explained more what they offer and that they’re looking for new members.

An announcement was also made Friday morning that the Majestic Theatre will be opening their doors to the public in early October along with starting their capital campaign with a goal of raising $100,000. The theatre will be open on Thursday, October 8 (Fifth Element); Friday, October 9 (New Mutants); Saturday, October 10 (Tenet) and Sunday, October 11 (Hotel Transylvania). Masks will be required.

Moving into the Friday morning chamber coffee event, committee members with the Wayne Area Legacy Fund were introduced as the group officially kicked off their first fundraiser in June of 2018 during an Arnie’s Ford ‘Drive 4 UR Community’ event.

Members range in their 20s through their 60s from working or either retired of all walks of life, according to Fund Advisory Committee Member Eric Knutson.

“It’s really not a whole lot, but it’s fun to make decisions to help out the Wayne area,” Knutson added. “That’s the hope going forward. It’ll just continue to grow, get bigger and we’ll be able to give out some bigger awards, bigger grants to some really worthwhile projects.”

The group meets once a month and are always looking for new members.

Among the video showed on the big screen, the After School Program at Wayne Community Schools, Rainbow World, Senior Center and the Majestic Theatre were highlighted.

The goal of the Wayne Area Legacy Fund is to raise money to give back towards good projects that will enhance the Wayne Area currently and in the future.

Fund Advisory Committee Chairman Bill Dickey added the group currently has around $300,000.

“Right now, we will be taking applications probably within about the next 60-90 days,” Dickey added. “For disbursement of another grant fund that we will be able to put money into a project within the community.”

Applications will be taken through January of 2021 before being reviewed by the committee and presented in the spring of 2021.

Reach out to any member in the Wayne Area Legacy Fund or search Wayne Area Legacy Fund under the Nebraska Community Foundation website to donate. Also, like Wayne Area Legacy Fund on Facebook for more information.

Updated October Chamber Coffee hosting list:

October 9: Kinship Pointe, outdoors in the Assisted Living Parking lot south side of the building.

October 16: WAED hosting at Ekeko bldg  celebrating 15 years of WAED

October 23: WSC Planetarium