Leadership Wayne Deadline Approaches

WAYNE – For the 14th year, Leadership Wayne is being offered and the deadline to submit your application is this Friday.

Leadership Wayne XIV will feature sessions on the second Tuesday of each month and begin on September 13.

Executive Director with Wayne Area Economic Development, Luke Virgil said this signature program educates the next crop of leaders in the community.

“Leadership can have a wide-ranging definition,” said Virgil. “It can be something as simple as some life skills to make your day-job better, it could be something to get you over the hump and maybe become an entrepreneur or it’s getting into politics.”

The cost for Leadership Wayne is $199 per participant as invoices are available upon request.

Sessions will be in different locations of the Wayne community and go all the way through April.

“October we’ve added a little bit of an element the last year where we do a road trip to Ponca State Park,” Virgil added. “It’s a beautiful place, it’s a great way for us to kind of immerse in nature and bond as a group.”

The February session will be the annual trip to the Nebraska State Capitol while meeting with all three branches of Nebraska government if possible.

Those who should participate in Leadership Wayne include emerging leaders who want to learn to work together for common purposes; people who want to expand their leadership skills to apply on the job and for personal growth as well as established leaders who want to build a new set of skills and relationships and maximize the impact of volunteers and community members.

There are over 200 alumni of Leadership Wayne and those who are around town will be called up for a mentorship piece.

“Talk with those current class participants and see if they’re enjoying certain things about the class,” Virgil mentioned. “If there’s stuff about the community that they want to learn more about we’re hoping that these mentors are people that have a really good awareness of the community, or they’ve advanced in their work or in their civic leadership in some capacity.”

Again, the deadline to submit application and program fee is Friday, September 2.

Leadership Wayne Application and Overview 2022

Facilitators assisting Virgil include UNL Extension and presentations from Wayne State College.

Reach out to the WAED office, located at 108 West 3rd Street with any questions by calling 402-375-2240 or visiting wayneworks.org.


‘View from Wayne America’ interview with Luke Virgil (aired 8/24).