Leadership Wayne Class XII To Begin September 8, Deadline To Register Is Friday

WAYNE – As another round of Leadership Wayne approaches, a few more spots are still needing to be filled with classes beginning next week.

Leadership Wayne Class XII is about to start and this course will help successful communities cultivate and grow new leaders. Leadership Wayne is a program conducted through partnership between Wayne Area Economic Development and the University of Nebraska Extension. Jordan Rasmussen is an extension educator out of Pierce county who is one of the co-facilitators.

Luke Virgil is the executive director for WAED. He said the program looks to gather a new crop of leaders for the community.

“We’re all very versed with present elected officials or different members of different organizations that have been in leadership roles,” said Virgil. “They have some inherent leaderships skills or they got leadership training at some point.”

Leadership Wayne is made for those who are emerging leaders wanting to learn to work together for a common purpose; those who want to expand their leadership skills to apply on the job and for personal growth as well as established leaders who want to build a new set of skills and relationships and maximize the impact of volunteers and community members.

Leadership Class XI was recognized in late August as the group took away something from each session.

“Sometimes it’s just the networking,” Virgil added. “Maybe it’s the big trip to Lincoln, maybe it’s the tours around here or maybe they learned something about Wayne that is really going to help them and propel them to be that new crop of leaders that we have here in the community.”

Sessions are held on the second Tuesday of each month from September through April between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. unless otherwise noted. The February course will offer a visit to the State Capitol talking about the Nebraska state government.

Cost to attend Leadership Wayne is $199 per participant as payments can be made payable to WAED or by requesting an invoice to be sent. Registration forms can be found below or at the WAED office (108 West 3rd St.). The deadline to register is Friday, September 4. The goal is to get around 15 participants but to make this a viable class they would need 8-9 individuals. As of Wednesday, there were six signed up.

Leadership Wayne Application and Overview 2020

With everything going with the COVID-19 pandemic, Leadership 2.0 will not be meeting this year.

Virgil would also like to thank all the businesses and organizations who have sent participants for Leadership Classes 1 – 11.

“We know it’s not easy to let people leave the office sometimes,” Virgil mentioned. “We would not have leadership as a program if we didn’t have those good partnerships with businesses here.”

Further information can be found by contacting Virgil at lvirgil@wayneworks.org or call 402-375-2240.