LCC Facility Improvement Bond Election Results

LAUREL – School officials at Laurel-Concord-Coleridge are excited about their facility improvement bond election results.

After falling short by 50 votes in November of 2020, a special election for the LCC School Bond was requested for Tuesday, July 13.

Official and certified bond election results following a recount were 596 in favor and 595 against with 65% of registered school district voters submitting their mail-in only ballot.

Superintendent of LCC, Jeremy Christiansen stated, “this is indeed a positive message of support for our school district.”

With the now $18.5 million bond approved, construction could begin as early as the spring of 2022

Following a LCC school board meeting in August of 2020, it was then approved to place a not to exceed $23 million school bond on the November ballot which was voted down in 2020. Now the school board is pleased that an $18.5 million bond ‘Building for the Future’ for 25 years has passed.

As a result of borrowing money from a local banking intuition for a period of seven years at a lower interest rate of the bond, the overall levy impact for years 8 – 25 would be just over five and a half cents. This would save about $2 million in interest.

Reach out to any school official, board member or campaign committee member if you have any questions. Visit or like LCC Schools on social media for further details.