Kinkaider Brewing Co. Receives GROW Award from Broken Bow Chamber

Kinkaider Brewing Co. Receives GROW Award from Broken Bow Chamber
Kinkaider Brewing Company receives GROW Award from BB Chamber. Lt. Governor Mike Foley and Senator Matt Williams were in attendance for the award presentation.

BROKEN BOW—Locally brewed Kinkaider beer has grown in popularity and its facility in Broken Bow has also seen significant changes over the years. Thanks to the partnership with Black Hills Energy, a new natural gas line was recently brought out to Kinkaider. The new gas line is a huge benefit according to Kinkaider Brewing Company Global Brand Ambassador Cody Schmick.

“The guys just actually brought gas out here. So, we’ve been on propane, which is going to be huge having that gas line out here. Natural gas to run our kitchen, brew system, everything out here which is pretty cool that they were willing to work with us on that and make that happen,” Schmick said.

To celebrate the gas line and the tank house that was built in 2017, the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce presented the brewery with a GROW award on Tuesday afternoon.

Dan Hodges, Nate Bell, Barry Fox, and Cody Schmick each brought their own strengths to the table in order to open the brewery in 2014. Each year the company has expanded with a warehouse and rental space added in 2015, kitchen added in 2016, and tank house in 2017. Schmick said the brew system will triple in size by the end of the summer, allowing staff to brew and distribute more beer throughout Nebraska in conjunction with the growth of the craft brew market.

“Working through the challenges, but also we’ve seen some really great wins over the last three years to keep investing into Broken Bow as a community. We take a lot of pride that our product is all brewed right here in Custer County and shipped out to our other locations,” Schmick said.

Kinkaider Brewing Company is located on Paulsen Road just north of Broken Bow. A location is also in Grand Island and a third is set to open in Lincoln in the future, increasing the number of staff to around 80 people including beer reps, servers, bartenders, brew crews, and others.

“We started three years ago with four of us you know and now once we get our Lincoln location open there’s going to be about 80 of us working for the company,” Schmick said.

Congratulations to Kinkaider Brewing Company on your continued growth!