Kevin J Murray Memorial Fishing Tournament, Fishing Is Fun Youth Clinic To Take Over Weigand Marina

Kevin J Murray Memorial Fishing Tournament, Fishing Is Fun Youth Clinic To Take Over Weigand Marina
Courtesy of Kevin J Murray Memorial Fishing Tournament.

CROFTON – Mark the date of Saturday, August 27 for a two-person memorial fishing tournament with prizes but also a time for youth to receive a free rod and reel during a free clinic.

A Wayne Community Schools scholarship fundraiser has seen high attendance in past years where $169,000 has been donated to the foundation from the Kevin J Murray Memorial Fishing Tournament now entering into their 18th year.

The tournament is scheduled for August 27 at Lewis and Clark Lake from the Weigand Marina near Crofton.

Sherry Murray, organizer of the fishing tournament, was a graduate from Wayne in 1979 as Sherry Workman. She married Kevin Murry in 1980, who was also a 1978 graduate. The two moved to the Omaha area in 1982 where Sherry currently resides.

Kevin J Murray was an avid fisherman growing up in the northeast Nebraska area. Following a tragic drowning 18 years ago, Sherry Murray started the memorial fishing tourney.

Sherry Murray said the idea came about since it was something her husband loved to do.

“I thought it would be a great way to maybe raise some money and have a memorial scholarship in his name there at Wayne High,” said Murray. “My husband made a very well living in the industrial technology area, so I thought it would be great to raise scholarships for people that were going into the construction trades either a two-year or four-year scholarship.”

Along with raising funds for the foundation, athletic as well as technology and industrial arts equipment were purchased while also contributing to the stadium lights at Kern Track from the Kevin J Murray Memorial Fishing Tournament.

There were 66 teams the first year and the tournament has ranged between 40 – 60 two-person teams.

A morning launch time from 7 – 8 a.m. will allow for around 15 boats at a time to launch.

The last few years, the Kevin J Murray Memorial Fishing Tournament has teamed up with the Nebraska Walleye Association.

Sherry Murray is very thankful for the locals attending all these years but the tournament has grown over the past five years.

“What is very humbling and rewarding to me is I would say over 50% of the people now did not ever even know my husband,” Sherry Murray added. “Truly are coming up to do it for the love of fishing, for the competition and then because of the fundraiser.”

Prize money will be awarded to the largest catch of walleye for first, second and third place as well a large non-walleye fish.

A banquet will then follow the weigh-in at CJs at the Lake starting at 7 p.m. of August 27. The banquet features a dinner, raffle prize drawing with prizes equaling well over $1,000.

Register by visiting, email to receive an entry form or sign-up the day of the event. Cost is $120 per team which includes entry into the tournament, a dinner at the banquet as early arrivals will receive a shirt and koozies along with fun gift bag items.

The group will be setting up around 6:15 a.m. on August 27.

Following the weigh-in around 4 p.m. at the Weigand Marina a check-in will be available from 4:15 – 4:30 p.m. for ‘Fishing is Fun’ which is a free event for kids between the age of 5 – 15.

“What they’re going to get is a free rod and reel and a few little lessons about tying knots, identifying fish species and things like that. Just a little clinic that is put on with the Nebraska Walleye Association and the Fishing Is Fun organization.”

Up to 40 youth will be able to participate in the ‘Fishing is Fun’ clinic. Visit the or email to register your child to also sign a waiver.