KEL Physical Therapy & Wellness, Todd Luedeke PC Featured At Chamber Coffee

WAYNE – Two businesses were showcased during the first Friday morning chamber coffee in the month of March.

There are three independent business working out of 214 North Pearl Street. Both Karen Longe with KEL Physical Therapy & Wellness and Todd Luedeke PC are leasing space out of the location of Wayne Sport and Spine Center, LLC.

Longe is the President and Physical Therapist with KEL Physical Therapy & Wellness. She grew up in Wayne and attended Wayne State College before spending most of her adult life away from Wayne. Longe and her family returned in August of 2019.

The first official day for Longe’s business was Monday, January 6.

Longe said she is a ‘manual therapist’ and does a lot of hands-on work with her clients.

“We would perform a very thorough evaluation,” said Longe. “Usually my treatment plans include some manual hands-on work. I do a lot of education (and) I believe that if people understand why they’re hurting, they’re more likely to do the things I recommend for them.”

Contact KEL Physical Therapy & Wellness at 402-999-4564. The practice is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. with evening or Saturday appointments available by contacting the office. Also, like KEL Physical Therapy on Facebook for more information.

Longe added the community has been very supportive as new clients continue to come in.

“I feel very positive about the business and very good about the services that we’re offering,” Longe added. “It seems like the Wayne community is looking for some additional services in the medical and wellness fields.”


Todd Luedeke is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and previously spent 14 years at Providence Medical Center before taking a surgery center job in South Sioux City this past July.

Clients are referred to Luedeke’s free-standing pain clinic where he is open after work or days he has off.

“In Nebraska as a nurse practitioner that practices anesthesiologist.” Said Luedeke. “We have to have a referral from any licensed MD, DO, PA or family nurse practitioner before we can go ahead and assess and do an injection on a patient.”

Patients are assessed to be a candidate for an injection.

“These injections would be for lumbar pain that are from bulging discs,” Luedeke added. “People can have shoulder pain, knee pain, neck pain; those kinds of things.”

Both were also welcomed into the community with a ribbon cutting event.

Join the Northeast Nebraska Aviators as the next Friday morning chamber coffee is scheduled for March 13 at 10 a.m. from the Wayne Municipal Airport.