Kasey’s Owlet Fund Continues To Grow, Donations Can Be Made Through Providence Medical Center Foundation

WAYNE – For the past couple of years, babies born at Providence Medical Center have been given an owlet during two special dates in a year.

An owlet goes on the foot of a baby and monitors a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels along with notifying the parents that something isn’t right, including SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Diana Davis works in Business Education and is the Wayne High School Computer/Business teacher and Jr. High track coach at Wayne Community Schools.

Davis heard about the Biggs and Barrett project and after her niece passed away four years ago she wanted to do something to give back.

“There’s a project in Norfolk that they donate to the Norfolk Hospital (Faith Regional) and they raise money,” said Davis. “The two moms both lost babies to SIDS and they teamed up and started this Briggs and Barrett project.”

Every October, PMC employees can choose if they want to have payroll deductions come out of their checks. Inside the foundation, the Kasey Owlet Fund is one of the several funds. Roughly $54 a month is what PMC employees are contributing as Davis has made donations twice a year to fund the owlets.

The cost for an owlet is $300 each and Davis added there are two given away each year.

“We started in 2020,” Davis added. “So, I think we’ve given four away. We give one in May around the time that Kasey passed away and then her birthday would have been December 27. So, we give one away around this time of year around close to her birthday.

Currently the babies born near the significant dates of late December and May are the ones who get the owlets. The ultimate goal that Davis has is to have every family receive an owlet.

Once the owlet is given to the family, it belongs to the family.

Davis mentioned it’s been great to work with Melissa Nelsen, Foundation and Marketing Director and PMC to help keep the memory of Kasey alive.

“We also give away a suncatcher to every baby that’s born in Wayne and that’s in memory of Kasey, my niece as well,” Davis mentioned. “So, we’re in communication about I order those and pay for them and give them to her and the nurses get them out to every newborn. It has a little paper that has a little poem about Kasey.”

PMC has about 70 babies born a year.

If you’re interested in donating to the Kasey Owlet Fund, reach out to the PMC Foundation office at 402-375-7922. Funds can also be sent by check or donations to the PMC Foundation and note it goes to the Kasey Owlet Fund.

Any donation would be appreciated as with more funds, more owlets can be given to newborn babies at PMC.