Junior Pilot Summer Camp For Middle School, High School Students Slated For July 14 – 15

Junior Pilot Summer Camp For Middle School, High School Students Slated For July 14 – 15
Courtesy of Mid America Museum of Aviation and Transportation.

SIOUX CITY, IA – A two-day Junior Pilot Summer Camp will be offered for middle school and high school students in mid-July.

According to a release from Mid America Museum of Aviation and Transportation, the air museum will host this inaugural program to boost career knowledge of pilots and is part of the 727 STEM Learning Center (sponsored by FedEx Express).

The air museum is located on the northeast corner of the Sioux Gateway Airfield at 2600 Expedition Court in Sioux City, Iowa.

This will be the first time the air museum will be able to offer this type of STEM training for a group of middle and high schoolers.  Previous camps were focused on elementary students.

The camp is for students entering 6th – 12th grade and will include an abbreviated ground school. Two camps will run simultaneous with one being for 6th – 8th graders and one for 9th – 12th graders. The camp will be offered both Thursday and Friday, July 14 and 15.

The younger group will run two full days (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) and be receiving instruction on the basics of flight, conducting hands-on experiments demonstrating the forces of flight, and have chances to win a Discovery Flight. The high school group will have a half day on the first day during which they will learn the basics of flight. The second day will be reserved for flying in a Cessna 172 Skyhawk.  Both groups will tour airport facilities including the tower.

Katie Birch, Vice President of the air museum and camp director says, “I want youth to know that those big, seemingly unachievable dreams they have ARE within reach and it is as simple as turning to face them and take just one step in that direction. I am beyond thrilled to partner with Scott Taylor in offering youth a unique opportunity to take that initial step in the direction of their dreams.”

Birch will be teaching the 6th – 8th graders as the 9th – 12th graders will be taught by Scott Taylor.

Taylor, who is a board member at the museum and Certified Flight Instructor, added, “our goal is to share our aviation experience to encourage and inspire youth that are interested in aviation.”

The fees for the camp are $160 for museum members, and $180 for nonmembers. The student will receive flight materials, a t-shirt, and a family museum pass. Students are encouraged to bring a sack lunch or a box lunch can be purchased.  Scholarship applications opened on the museum website on June 22 and will close on Thursday, July 7.

Executive Director, Larry Finley mentioned, “with the nationwide shortage of pilots for corporate and commercial aviation, we are ready to give our youth their initial access to the basics of flight and career opportunities into the future.”

Camp registration is now open and can be found at www.midamericaairmuseum.org or in person at the museum.

For questions about the camp, contact Scott Taylor for students in high school at 712-635-1902 or Katie Birch at 712-490-2691 for students in middle school.

Regular hours at the Mid America Museum of Aviation and Transportation are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Our website has registration links and more details.