Jorgensen Leading Petition To Allow Wheelchairs On Airplanes

WAYNE – An author of three books and who is working on a fourth has put together a petition to allow wheelchairs on airplanes.

According to information submitted by Zach Jorgensen, author, content creator and motivational speaker, he recently started this petition and it has taken off nearing 15,000 signatures in two weeks.

Jorgensen talked about his goal.

“So, I’m just looking to get as many signatures I can get in order to make a change,” said Jorgensen. “To get wheelchairs to be allowed on airplanes.”

Jorgensen lives with a disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which weakens his muscles and is in a wheelchair. He enjoys traveling but is only able to go by vehicle which can be uncomfortable when traveling long distances.

Jorgensen, who is working on his first ever petition he created, added more signatures are still needed to make a difference to allow wheelchairs on airplanes.

“The next step would just be to reach out to the different government agencies that would be involved in this as well as different airlines,” Jorgensen added.

To sign this petition, go to Once 15,000 signatures are reached, the petition will become one of the top signed on the website.

Jorgensen also mentioned he’s been working on a fourth book.

“Been working on writing another book that should be coming out here after a while in the near future,” Jorgensen mentioned. “I’ve just been working on making some YouTube videos.”

To view the past three books by Jorgensen, visit They include ‘Wheelchairs Aren’t Scary’; ‘I Can Be Anything’ and ‘The Adventures of Super Wheels’. These books can also be found on Amazon.