January Traffic Fatality Toll

LINCOLN – Data was again collected by the Nebraska Department of Transportation during the month of January for a recent traffic fatality toll.

According to a release from NDOT, 26 people were killed in 23 fatal crashes in January.

Eight of the 21 vehicle occupants killed were not using seatbelts, seven were using seatbelts and six had seatbelt usage marked as unknown.

A total of 19 fatalities were in rural locations (The Federal Highway Administration definition for urban is an area with a population of 5,000 or more). There were also four fatalities on the interstate, 13 on Nebraska highways and nine on local roads during the moth of January.

Two of the fatalities pertained to motorcyclists as three fatalities were pedestrians.

Only seven of the 21 vehicle occupants killed during 2022 were using seatbelts.

Compared to last January, there were 24 fatalities in 2021. The 26 fatalities this January marked the highest over the past five years with the 2018-21 average being 16 fatalities.

This report includes information available through February 21, 2022 from the Highway Safety Section, Traffic Engineering Division, Nebraska Department of Transportation. For additional information, contact the NDOT Communication and Public Policy Division at 402-479‑4512.