Individuals To Be Recognized, Annual Update To Be Provided At City Council Meeting

WAYNE – After a busy month of March, officials with the Wayne City Council will be set to open their first regularly scheduled meeting in April.

On Tuesday, April 2, councilmembers will meet at the City Hall starting at 5:30 p.m.

Mayor Cale Giese will first start the meeting by recognizing Betty McGuire, city clerk on receiving the Nebraska Municipal Clerks’ Association “Outstanding Clerk of the Year Award for 2019”. Also, a presentation of the “Patriot’s Award” to Jeff Brady, water supervisor, will be issued in recognition of supporting Guard Reserve Employee Casey Junck.

Sandy Brown with the Wayne Green Team will provide an annual update along with Cap Petersen, Northeast Nebraska Insurance Agency being on hand for a presentation of Dividend Check from Employers Mutual Company.

After going into Board of Equalization to address a tabled subject on assessments in Street and Sanitary Sewer Extension improvements, council will reconvene to hear a public hearing. The hearing will be in regard to the “Preliminary Plat for Southeast Addition”.

Action will also be taken to ratify the declaration of a “State of Emergency” for the City of Wayne from the flood damage sustained on March 12. Tom Hanson, CPA will also seek approval to compile financial information regarding damage caused by the flooding.