Ice Fishing 101, Area Ice Depth At Ike’s Lake

WAYNE – Members of the Wayne Izaak Walton League Chapter will be providing weekly ice depths for the area along with tips on ice safety.

According to a release from the Wayne Izaak Walton League of America, they’ll also include ice fishing and other winter related items.

The ice depths currently vary at the Wayne Izaak Walton Lake but is generally 6” plus. Ike’s Lake is located four miles north and two miles west of Wayne.

Ice needs to be at least four inches thick to reliably support the weight of the average adult if it’s new, being clear ice. Also, double that thickness is needed if the ice is old or white.

To begin ice fishing, you’ll only need five to six items and it can be a lot of fun on a sunny day in the winter. They include an ice auger for drilling holes; ice suit or warm layered clothes; portable fish hut if windy or cold; riggings, whether it be a simple ice fishing rod or tip-ups; bait such as soft plastic bait or smaller is better for fishing in colder temps or wax worms and electronics which are optional but helpful.

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