Housing, Lake Feasibility Study Presentations Among Tuesday Wayne City Council Meeting

WAYNE – Following a Town Hall meeting on annexation in late December, the first regularly scheduled Wayne City Council agenda will move back to their normal location.

From the council chambers inside City Hall, the Tuesday, January 4 meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. with a presentation on the “Community Housing Study with Strategies for Affordable Housing – 2027” from Hanna: Keelan Associates, PC.

The City of Wayne has updated their housing study thanks to half of the funding from the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA). The updated document will help get grants for housing projects, allow developers to see the needs of the community and allows the City of Wayne to consider tax increment financing (TIF) for vertical housing construction. The presentation will allow for a question and answer session between council and the consultant.

A second presentation will follow from Matthew Smith and Carter Hubbard with Olsson on a “Lake Feasibility Study” in the old lagoon area. Council will need to determine in the near future if there will be a lake, and if so, its location, size, water source and type of lake in order for development to begin.

Councilmembers will also discuss with possible action on accepting a proposal to purchase and develop land (approximately 7.94 acres) owned by the City of Wayne located south of 4th Street and Jaxon Street. This would be the former Community Garden/Upper Soccer field property as the City of Wayne has received two housing proposals for fourth street. The two developers are Heritage Homes of Wayne and R Perry Construction of Sioux City, IA.

A pair of resolution items will then seek approval. They include an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement between the City of Wayne and Wayne Community School District as well as approving the Chief Elected Official to sign an application for Civic and Community Center Financing Funds Planning Grant Funds. This would start the process for making an application for these funds as the City of Wayne is working with the School District to add the necessary information to go into the resolution. The interlocal agreement will also go before the Board of Education during their January board meeting on Monday, January 10.

Another discussion and possible action item will pertain to naming the “Old Swimming Pool Park”. Staff has been referring this location as College Hill Park for the last couple of years. A community group would like the council to consider naming the park to order signage to reflect the chosen name. Similar discussion will need to be addressed with the ‘old lagoon” area in the future.

A final pay application to Myers Construction, Inc. for the “Pine Heights Road & Utility Improvements” project will be brought forward. The amount on the action item is for $36,303.98.

A final resolution of Tuesday night’s meeting will be approving the appointment of Amy K. Miller as City Attorney and approving her ‘Retainer Agreement’ for 2022. The retainer agreement has no changes from the previous year.