Historic Find Unearthed At Construction Site

TILDEN – Some residents and former students of a historic school are sad to see it go.

Dating back to 1913, Elkhorn Valley Public School is undergoing a complete transformation.

Construction started last February, but it is last week’s discovery that has sparked so much interest.

It was even surprising to Jim Follette who is overseeing the project.

Jim said they “never really found anything, just tore down some old buildings, but never found a hidden treasure… yeah it was a cool find, very cool.”

Stanley Myher attended Elkhorn Valley Public School and said he is happy with the find.

“I am happy they did it. I’m glad there is a time capsule there for us to look at and maybe relate to. I’m glad there is one there, I’m glad they found it and I’m glad it didn’t get destroyed.”

School employees thought they removed everything of value.

History could have disappeared forever.

Jim explained what happened the moment they made the find.

“I went right to the superintendent, gave it to them and they were ecstatic. They didn’t even know it was there, nobody did. It’s been hidden for a hundred and five years, roughly.”

As crews continue to work, this town gets to revisit the good old days.