High Voltage Termination Failure Causes Near 45-Minute Power Outage Friday 

WAYNE – About a quarter of a northeast Nebraska town was without power late Friday night.

You may have been up or you noticed with the alarm clock flashing Saturday morning, but around 11:15 p.m. Friday, November 22, Wayne’s east-inner circuit lost power.

Distribution superintendent with Wayne Electric, Tim Sutton talked about what led to the near 45-minute outage.

“What happened was we had a high voltage termination fail in the substation,” said Sutton. “It doesn’t happen very often (and) that’s kind of uncommon. The device was installed in the late 70s.”

City electric officials were able to isolate the problem and loop another circuit around to feed the east-inner circuit.

Sutton added the repair is up and running but electric officials will be doing further repairs.

“That may take clear into the spring time for us to get the right window of opportunity to fix it,” Sutton added.

For more information, contact Wayne Electric Distribution at 402-375-2896.