High School Seniors Recognized During Chamber Coffee


WAYNE – As the final week approaches for Wayne High seniors, community members were able to hear more about the students prior to graduation.

From the Wayne High School Lecture Hall, Friday morning Chamber Coffee was hosted by Wayne Community Schools and Senior Class Sponsor, Dwaine Spieker.

Students in class with Mr. Spieker have been finishing up their study on the History of the English Language and other projects.

“Things are ending here very quickly,” said Mr. Spieker. “They’ll be on Monday (May 7) will be their last day of classes, Tuesday (May 8) will be kind of a fun day with a breakfast, a video and their graduation practice up at Rice Auditorium.”

Wayne High will hold their commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 12 at 2 p.m. from Rice Auditorium on the campus of Wayne State College.

Seniors who were in attendance said who they are, who their parents are and what they plan on doing after high school.

Mr. Spieker added he’s seen a big change in the last 18 years, saying this is the last group of “millennials” that have come through.

“These kids were born in 1999-2000,” Mr. Spieker added. “So, now we have this next generation who are like them in some ways and unlike them in others. Anyway, this is a great group of kids and I’m happy to have worked with them for the last nine months.”

Join the Wayne Community Schools Foundation for the next Friday morning Chamber Coffee at 10 a.m. on May 11. The event will be held at Kern Track.