High School Restroom Project Approved

WAYNE – A trio of agenda items made up a special board of education meeting earlier this week for Wayne Community Schools.

From the Wayne Jr/Sr High School Conference Room, the board approved the contract with Otte Construction as the Construction Manager at Risk Agreement.

Superintendent, Dr. Mark Lenihan said this would be for a project beginning this summer and look to be completed by late July to early August.

“We’re going to renovate the restrooms on the second floor of the high school,” said Lenihan. “They’re the main restrooms that are used during our activities and events that go on at school. Then, the level below that is the facility/work room and the restroom area.”

The school district will work with both Otte Construction and Carlson West Povondra Architects to finish the design of the plan. Once 70% of completion is reached, the school will know more of what the price could be with the project being budgeted for up to $400,000.

Dr. Lenihan added the benefit of using the Construction Management at Risk process is there is some control.

“As you do the design you can make adjustments as needed to try and keep the costs down,” Dr. Lenihan added. “Then, working with the construction company and the architect together, everybody knows what’s going to happen and they know what everybody is going to expect.”

The annual ESU1 Service Contract was also brought forward that is typically approved this time of year. The contract covers several different areas of Special Education services that still includes a few hours for Wayne residents that go to the Tower School for Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy

Also, contract services through Providence Medical Center for Occupational and Physical Therapy were discussed. This contract will be for school-aged kids beginning next year for these services through PMC.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne Community Schools Board of Education meeting will be on Monday, March 8.